"Quest" Joint Airlock

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Node 1 "Unity"
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The "Quest" Joint Airlock Module (A/L) was launched into space aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis on the International Space Station Flight 7A (STS-104) in 2001, and is large enough to fit the russian Orlan space suit aswell as the american EMU through its hatch. A larger airlock was required, since EMU spacewalks could only be performed through the Space Shuttle's airlock.


Quest airlock during installation onto Unity's (NOD1) starboard side berthing port on STS-104 in 2001 - grappled by the SSRMS.

Image Source: NASA.gov


A second crew airlock is installed on the ROS (Pirs, DC), however it is only able to fit the smaller Orlan space suit. During inactivity, the crewlock (C/L) is pressurized and serves as a stowage location for EVA supplies and two EMUs.



CA Equipment

Cabin Air Equipment (SYSTEM)

The Cabin Air Equipment rack in the "Quest" Joint Airlock module contains systems responsible for de- and repressurization of the Crewlock, controllers for the CCAA (common cabin air assembly), aswell as equipment required for refilling the EMU's oxygen tanks with high-pressure, high-purity oxygen with gas from external HPGTs (high pressure gas tanks).

During Space Shuttle operation, pure oxygen was pumped from the Shuttle's dedicated gas storage using the ORCA (oxygen recharge compressor assembly).



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