"Quest" Joint Airlock

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The "Quest" Joint Airlock Module (A/L) was launched into space aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis on the International Space Station Flight 7A (STS-104) in 2001, and is large enough to fit the russian Orlan space suit aswell as the american EMU through its hatch. A larger airlock was required, since EMU spacewalks could only be performed through the Space Shuttle's airlock.


Quest airlock during installation onto Unity's (NOD1) starboard side berthing port on STS-104 in 2001 - grappled by the SSRMS.

Image Source: NASA.gov


A second crew airlock is installed on the ROS (Pirs, DC), however it is only able to fit the smaller Orlan space suit. During inactivity, the crewlock (C/L) is pressurized and serves as a stowage location for EVA supplies and two EMUs.




Crewlock (SYSTEM)

The crewlock is the part of the "Quest" Joint Airlock module which gets de- and repressurized for crew and equipment transfer between space and the space station interior.


Astronaut James F. Reilly enters the crewlock after completing the final STS-104 EVA in July 2011. The picture was taken through a window in the crewlock hatch, separating the depressurized container from the rest of the "Quest" Joint Airlock module.

Image Source: NASA.gov

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